Wall Saw LWSH 1201 - Üsfen Makina Wall Saw LWSH 1201 - Üsfen Makina

Wall Saw LWSH 1201


Product Features

Hydraulic power packages for toughest cutting tasks


  • The extremely sturdy and proven design ensures high reliability and cutting accuracy
  • In conjunction with hydraulic drives with outputs of up to 20 kW, blade diameters of up to maximum 1200 mm can be used
  • Robust saw head with standard hydraulic motors
  • Blade guard for normal and flush cutting
  • Slide guide with ergonomic locking system and fineadjustment


  • GR2 hydraulic motor with quick-change device
  • Swivel arm, can be rotated by 360°
  • Power transmission in swivel arm via toothed belt
  • Carriage controlled using bronze guide

Technical Data

LWSH 1201

cutting depth max. 510 mm
saw blade Ø max. 1200 mm
free detachable up to 900 mm
blade flange mounting central screw
saw blade fixing (flush cuts) 6 countersunk head screws, TK 130 mm
weight incl. drive motor and 2 feed motors 34 kg
weight with 2 feed motors only 27 kg


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