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Slipform Concrete Paver

Slipform Concrete Paver

Product Features

All mechanical and automation systems of our machine, which is completely domestic design and production, have been designed and produced by our own engineers. Therefore, as Geometri Makine, we offer fast and economical solutions for after-sales services and spare parts.

All of our machines work with a hydraulic system that can be controlled electronically. In this way, joint cutting can be done at desired intervals. This feature is offered as an option in our machine.

From 8 to 24 hydraulic internal concrete paving vibrators can be used in our machine. You can request these domestically produced vibrators from our company at the most economical price.

Our machine can work with the highest efficiency on inclined surfaces such as irrigation canals as well as flat concrete pavements.

Concrete paver that paves concrete in place with Sliding Formwork. It produces according to the mold in highway borders, “V” trenches, trapezoidal channels, curtain walls, walkways, cable channels, parapet guardrails, irrigation channels and many special applications.

A highly maneuverable concrete paver in narrow spaces in the 3-track walking system, which is preferred for faster and lower cost productions with visual perfection as well as high concrete quality.

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