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Concrete Grinding Machine Lissmac BSM310E

Concrete Grinding Machine Lissmac BSM310E

Product Properties

Concrete Grinding Machine BMS310E

Lightweight, Durable, and Fast. The BSM 310 E floor grinding machine is a smartly designed lightweight machine that offers advanced drive and practical features to speed up work and reduce strain on the operator. Weighing only 38 kg, this machine is user-friendly and powered by a strong and reliable 2.8 kW 230 V brushless motor. The powerful drive provides a high removal rate over a working width of 310 mm, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. With its high speed of 2,250 rpm, the machine is capable of producing a high removal rate while being lightweight. The machine also features a display that provides constant information about tool speed, quick tool change capability, and an integrated spirit level for increased precision. Additionally, the floor grinder is easy to transport due to its foldable guide rod, and it is suitable for working in dusty conditions with an effective dust seal and the option to connect an external vacuum cleaner. The BSM 310 E floor grinding machine showcases intelligent lightweight design and advanced drive, offering effortless operation and excellent performance. Learn more about the benefits.

Technical Properties

BSM 310 E
Working width 310 mm
Max. output power 2,8 kW; 230 V; 50 Hz
Speed 2250 1/min.
Dimensions (L/W/H) 700/350/500 mm
Weight 38 kg

What can be done with Concrete Grinding Machine?

Concrete Grinding Machine:

  • Equipped with a brushless 230 V electric motor
  • Designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for easy work Strong drive system
  • Quick tool change capability at the job site
  • Efficient dust extraction system
  • Can handle a variety of applications with a wide range of grinding discs
  • Can be used on floors with dust present
  • Achieves high removal rates with high-speed grinding and minimal weight
  • Provides a constant reading of tool speed on the machine display
  • Has a foldable guide bar for convenient transportation.
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