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Core Drilling Machine

Everything you need for your core drilling tasks is right here! Our company provides high-quality core drilling machines and accessories used in core drilling, holding a leading position in the industry. With our wide range of products, we can meet all your needs. Join us to increase efficiency and simplify your core drilling tasks.

With years of experience and expertise, Üsfen Makina offers you the best products! We provide solutions tailored to your every core drill and rig need, prioritizing customer satisfaction.


Core Drilling Machine Solutions:

Handheld Core Drills & Core Drilling Machines: Discover the most suitable machines for your core drilling tasks from our extensive product range. Equipped with powerful and durable models, we are ready for any challenging job. Moreover, our machine prices are highly competitive, offering you the best value.


Core Cutting Machines: Designed for precise and efficient cutting tasks, our machine models streamline your core drilling operations. With reliable and high-performance machines, we offer solutions for every cutting need. Additionally, our core drilling machine price are budget-friendly, ensuring affordability.


Portable Core Drilling Machines: Explore our portable options for on-the-go core drilling tasks. These versatile machines offer convenience without sacrificing power. Find the perfect solution for your needs at competitive prices.


Core Drilling Rigs: Find ideal solutions for your core drilling tasks right here! Explore our robust and durable rigs equipped with powerful motors, facilitating your core drilling operations. Alongside our quality products, our core drilling machine concrete options are customer-friendly, catering to your budget requirements.


Core Drill Stands: Don’t forget about the stands you’ll need for your core drilling tasks! Our stable and practical stands enable you to carry out your work more comfortably and efficiently. Moreover, our core drilling machine price offers a budget-friendly option for you.


We aim to provide you with the best solutions for your core drilling needs, ensuring both quality and affordability. Join us and experience excellence in core drilling machines!

Core 500 mm Diameter Cutting Capacity

Core Drilling Stand

Universal Drilling Stand

Concrete Pipe Drilling Machine

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