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Roads are an essential part of our transportation infrastructure, connecting us to work, school, and loved ones. But over time, roads can deteriorate due to wear and tear, leading to uneven surfaces, potholes, and reduced traction. This can not only make driving uncomfortable but also pose a serious safety hazard.

To address these issues, road maintenance crews employ a variety of techniques to restore and maintain the integrity of our roadways. Among these techniques are grinding, grooving, and bump cutting, each serving a specific purpose in ensuring a smooth, safe, and durable driving experience.


Surface grinding is a process that utilizes rotating diamond blades to remove a thin layer of asphalt or concrete from the road surface. This process serves to eliminate surface imperfections such as bumps, ridges, and unevenness, resulting in a smoother and more level road. Smoother roads not only enhance driving comfort but also improve tire grip, reducing the risk of skidding and accidents.


Grooving, also known as texturing, involves cutting parallel channels into the road surface. These grooves serve as tiny drainage channels, effectively channeling water away from the tire contact patch, especially during wet weather conditions. By preventing water from accumulating on the road, grooving significantly reduces the risk of hydroplaning, a dangerous situation where tires lose contact with the road surface, leading to a loss of vehicle control.

Bump Cutting:

Bump cutting, also referred to as plane surface grinding, is a specialized technique used to address localized surface irregularities. This process employs a grinding head with a smaller amplitude to precisely remove bumps, ridges, and other imperfections that may have occurred during the construction process or as a result of localized wear and tear. Bump cutting helps to maintain a uniform road surface, preventing unevenness that can lead to premature tire wear and vehicle discomfort.

Enhancing Road Maintenance with Specialized Equipment:

Modern road maintenance projects often rely on specialized machinery designed to efficiently and effectively perform grinding, grooving, and bump cutting tasks. These machines typically feature advanced features such as:

  • Computer-controlled cruise control systems: These systems automatically adjust the machine’s forward speed based on cutting conditions, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing wear on the grinding tools.

  • Onboard slurry vacuum and discharge systems: These systems collect and remove the slurry, a mixture of water and ground material, generated during the grinding process, preventing the slurry from accumulating on the road and potentially causing hazards.

  • Hydraulically controlled depth control wheels: These wheels precisely control the depth of the grinding or grooving cut, ensuring consistent results and preventing damage to the underlying road structure.

  • Safety features: These features, such as slip-proof access ladders, non-slip catwalks, high railings, and integrated safety switches, prioritize worker safety and minimize the risk of accidents.

Grinding, grooving, and bump cutting techniques play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and integrity of our roadways. By utilizing these techniques and employing specialized equipment, road maintenance crews can effectively address surface imperfections, improve drainage, and enhance overall road quality. These efforts contribute to smoother, safer, and more durable driving experiences for all road users.


Teknik Özellikler


Saw blade Ø 485 / 350 mm incl. modification kit
Grinding width 1270 mm (opt.1400mm)
Saw blade speed min. /max. 1315 / 1900 1/min
Cutting disc seat Ø 20.32 cm with parallel keys
Grinding shaft drive mechanical gearshift with hydraulic friction clutch


Drive type via 2 pairs of gears
Feed rate max. 72m/min (idle)


Diesel fuel 940 l
Hydraulic oil 264 l
DEF 27 l


Length / Width / Height 9.2/2.4/2.9 m
weight 21 t/ max. capacity: 23 t


Engine type Diesel
Rating 575 PS/ 2100 1/min
Emission standard Stage Tier 4 final


Drive pump Hydraulic


Drive turbine Hydraulic
Slurry pump Peristaltic pump with hydraulic drive
Slurry intake Suction box above the cutting shaft


Seating position On the side of the machine
Driving functions Joystick
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