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Floor Grinding Machine Lissmac BSM650E

Floor Grinding Machine Lissmac BSM650E

Product Properties

The BSM 650 E floor grinder is designed for medium-sized areas and can handle heavy-duty operations with ease. This powerful device is equipped with an 11 kW 400 V motor that can be adjusted for speed, allowing it to easily tackle the toughest tasks. With a working width of 650 mm, the machine is capable of efficient processing and rapid work progress. The machine is optimally balanced for effortless operation and high stock removal. It is suitable for rough work and delivers top performance when removing larger bumps, coatings, adhesives, paints, and foam backing, as well as cleaning soiled concrete surfaces. The BSM 650 E is versatile and can be used for a range of grinding tasks with the help of its range of accessories, including a D250 tool holder with a mounting plate for six grinding or polishing pads. The machine can be easily transported with its foldable transport wheel and guide bar. Experience the power, versatility, and ergonomic operation of the BSM 650 E floor grinder.

Technical Properties

BSM 650 E
Working width 650 mm
Max. output power 11 kW; 400 V; 50Hz
Speed 100-700 1/min.
Dimensions (L/W/H) 1020/660/1000 mm
Weight 390 kg

Floor Grinding Machine Lissmac BSM650E More Detail

The heavy-duty 3-disc grinding machine is designed for removing coarse surface irregularities and coatings, as well as adhesives, paint, and coatings. It is also suitable for cleaning and grinding dirty concrete surfaces and peeling off foam backing. The machine is capable of efficiently grinding floors up to medium-sized surface areas.

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