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Floor Milling Machine BFM320E

Floor Milling Machine BFM320E

Product Properties

Floor Milling Machine BFM320E

The BFM 320 E floor milling machine is specially designed to handle large areas and tough tasks with power and precision. With an 11 kW 400 V motor, it can reach a milling depth of 8 mm on concrete C20/25 in one operation and has a working width of 320 mm. The machine has a hydrostatic drive that allows for both forward and reverse travel, and a connection for a vacuum cleaner for efficient operation.

This floor milling machine is optimized for removing large flooring areas and is equipped with a fine feed depth adjustment and quick lowering feature. The center of gravity is positioned directly above the rotor, ensuring maximum contact pressure between the milling unit and the floor surface. With long-lasting LISSMAC milling tools, the BFM 320 E offers excellent performance in removing floor coatings and thermoplastic-based coverings. It also excels in removing concrete and screed floors and preparing robust mountings for surface-hardened lamellar rods.

LISSMAC created the BFM 320 E to handle large tasks quickly and efficiently. Its powerful and durable design is sure to impress.

Technical Properties

BFM 320 E
Milling depth max. 8 mm
Working width 320 mm
Max. output power 11 kW; 400 V; 50 Hz
Speed 2835 1/min.
Dimensions (L/W/H) 1400/580/1000 mm
Weight 320 kg

What can be done with the Floor Milling Machine?

Floor scarifer of Lissmac can do: Floor depth adjustment for precise work. Surface renovation of washed out concrete. Effective removal of adhesive on surfaces. Removal of uneven floors. Removal of markings on the floor and surfaces. Fine milling depth adjustment. Quick lowering the surface. Hardened mountings for lamellar rods in scarifying drums. Removal of road markings, including hard plastic.

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