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Concrete Floor Scarifier BFM250

Concrete Floor Scarifier BFM250E

Product Properties

The BFM 250 E is a compact and powerful floor milling machine that is ideal for medium to large areas and challenging jobs up to a 5mm milling depth. It is equipped with a 4 kW 400 V motor and has a working width of 250mm. This floor scraper combines performance, durability, and ergonomics for efficient and fatigue-free operation. With its adaptable LISSMAC milling tools, the BFM 250 E can tackle a variety of tasks such as removing coatings, roughing concrete and screed, grooving floors, renovating floors, and more. Its robust design features an inductively hardened assembly for surface-hardened connecting rods. The BFM 250 E is LISSMAC’s most compact floor milling machine and offers impressive performance for demanding daily use.

Technical Properties

BFM 250 E
Milling depth max.max. 5 mm
Working width250 mm
Max. output power4 kW; 400 V; 50 Hz
Speed1490 1/min.
Dimensions (L/W/H)1125/480/1180 mm
Weight129 kg

What can be done with the Floor Milling Machine?

A concrete milling machine can perform: Accurate depth adjustment on concrete surfaces. Repair of worn out concrete. Efficient adhesive removal from concrete. Flattening of uneven concrete floors. Erasing of markings on asphalt, industrial floors, or concrete surfaces. Fine-tuning of milling depth. Fast lowering mechanism. Sturdy mounting of lamellar rods in scarifying drums. Removal of road markings, including hard plastic.

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