Wall Saw LWSE 1200 - Üsfen Makina Wall Saw LWSE 1200 - Üsfen Makina

Wall Saw LWSE 1200


Product Features

Electric wall saws for universal applications and everyday use on the construction site


  • The pioneering drive concept enables the combination of extreme reliability  and optimum performance with low service requirements and reduced service costs
  • 4 application options by means of an expandable system: wall sawing/wire sawing/circular wire sawing/drilling
  • Simple assembly and disassemble due tu lightweight and compact system components
  • Innovative, powerful and low-maintenance electric motor without gear box
  • Optimised remote control for greater mobility and creased safety
  • Lightweight control unitenables use in the 16 and 32 A range

Technical Data

LWSE 1200

cutting depth max. 520 mm
saw blade Ø max. 1200 mm
free detachable up to 825 mm
blade flange mounting central screw
saw blade fixing (flush cuts) 6 countersunk head screws, TK 130 mm
electric motor water-cooled, without gearbox
output power max. at 16 A 8 kW
output power max. at 32 A 17 kW
voltage 400 V
frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz


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